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Junichi Kawashima
The "official" fiance of Haruna, chosen by Haruna's Grandmother and the Kawashima clan in an effort to bolster both family's holdings. Junichi is the only A-class bishounen of "Tsunami Channel." Presumably, this means he is good at everything he has attempted. His mental faculties and rhetorical skills have proven sufficient to pacify an angry Laika, no small feat given the latter's history of inflicting physical injuries for mild provocations. His physical prowess is unknown, but can be assumed to be a match for any other character in the comic.
Junichi is mysterious. His exterior gives off an air of cynical fatalism, while inside he is more a latent romantic. He is fundamentally of good character, if a little blunt. Junichi is also one of the few people Konstantin will not automatically glomp, possibly due to his superior bishie nature. (by Xuanwu)