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"Tsunami Channel" is a webcomic site for "Experimental Comic Kotone", "Magical Mina", and "Love Situations". Currently website is taking a blog style, so we can tell readers about interesting links and information about anime/manga. Comic strips are updated randomly, due to a busy schedule. I hope you enjoy the stay.


Currently "Experimental Comic Kotone" is on hold. Many readers are asking when the series will be back, but I want to focus on LovSits for a while. On-going "Laika story arc" will get really "heavy" story-wise, drawing-wise, and emotion-wise. I wanted to level up as comic artist, before I proceed with her story arc. So please bare with me for another months.


After the "Tsundere" story arc, there'll be three more lovSits:

  • Treasure Hunting - A story which I couldn't complete for the first pOnju anthology. It was originally planned for LovSit anyway. I'll add more pages, since twelve pages were little too short for this type of story.

  • Good wife/mother - A story about a married couple. This arc will be a big challenge for me, since I have to draw different character types who haven't appeared in my stories yet.

  • Friend's Sister - A story about main character, his best friend, and his siter. The biggest challenge I'll ever face - to tell the story without being too cheesy.

These LovSit arcs are long, especially "Friend's Sister". But if I can successfully tell these stories (and readers love them), it means I became a good story teller.
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