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Joan Clemenceau
One of the LSS victims. She made visual/tactile contact with the player in the opening session of 禅hree Dimensional Calculus' lecture of the semester. She has not seen the player since the incident. Joan is repeating Calculus 3D after receiving a 船・from the class and her major for now is undecided. Joan is a lover of history and her focus is in modern European affairs. She stopped washing her left hand after the reported incident and she now leads a campaign called 践andsome Hunting・ However, being a left-handed makes not washing her left hand a major issue.

(addition) Joan is a Pittsburgh local and has only been brought over to the realm of Japanese animation recently. She and Guise met during Vermillion opening showing of the semister when they both took action to 'stalk' the player and his party... thus begin their corraboration effort where her outspokenness and excellent oratorical skill proves to be useful. Recent conflict of interests with Dr. Akira Hasegawa's ongoing inititive in advertising CMU and the 'player household' leads Clemenceau and Guise to launch recruitment drives in order to rally support as to effectively counter Hasegawa's increasingly successful campaign. (by panzerfan)