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Fox doll. Its size is larger than that of Mulder and Scully and is about 30cm/12" not counting the tail (Tail is around 20cm or 8"). Kon-chan's name is derived from the Japanese word for Fox's onomatopoeia. Kon-chan was purchased by the player for Kotone. Kotone loves the doll greatly and and it has become iconic in the comic. Kon-chan accompany Kotone in various settings and serves at time as her persona and Kotone is rarely seen without her beloved Fox. Kon-chan has not shown conscience of its own and the mobility that Mulder enjoys thus far however, and that remains to be seen. Kon-chan when used to play enjoys a higher stature by age and hierarchy than that of Scully or Mulder. Kotone adopts the cry 'kon-kon' when she gives voice to Kon-chan. Kon-chan is a subject of envy to Konstantin due to its intimacy with Kotone. (which led the player proposing to call Konstantin that way since he does have a 'kon' attached to his name) Kon-chan in real life is also much adored by the creator of the comic. (by panzerfan)