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Bishounen to the core, Possesing a greek God's ceramic body, and...he's H. Konstantin Koptev(?). Best friend to the player A.K.A onii-chan whom he calls "My brother". Usually refered to as the K-man. A fan of H and anime, being good friends with the proffesor that is, He seems to be typically based on Asaba's character of Kareshi Kanoujo no jijou (his and her circumstances) with a hint of the real Konstantin, which is Akira's friend.
A talented man in the athletics department, Proven by the fact of his ninja skills and his awe-aspiring abilities on the tennis court, the K-man is still one of the most mysterious characters of tsuchan. Since no arc delving into his past has yet been made.
Also A cat girl named Anya, whom he rescues from an incident, falls madly in love with him. A bad situation for Konstantin since he is very much afraid of cats.
Also seems to be bi-sexual, as seen by his antics with Onii-chan, but only time will tell.
Another fact about Konstantin is he seems to be a talented Doujinshi(amateur comics) artist, his Alias being "Zombie" and has created the fantasy doujinshi of "sword and magic" (by The saint)