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Marianne- Anastatie Guise
Age 19. Guise and the player had a very short encounter during her stay at Pittsburgh which she recalls fondly. She resides in Manchester, England. Guise comes from a line of defunct aristocratic family which had its line severed at Francois, 2nd duc du Guise and according to her family tree, one of Francois's sons (brother to the more famous Henri, 3rd duc du Guise) escaped the siege of Orleans by Huguenots and headed to than - Catholic England, thus lost all nobility titles and claims therefore is long forgotten by all.

Guise takes interest in Japanese animation surprisingly alongside weaponary and military tactics. She like computer hardware but despises and is weak in programming (the player in comparison can and is known for programming) Guise is known as the 'nymph of Pb(Lead)', 'Valkyrie reloaded'' and 'Priesterin des/Priestess of Sturmgewehr ' for her distinctive combat style with assault rifle in action game titles. She is currently working and had plans to go to University of Glasgow for her degree in liberal arts, but is now putting Carnegie Mellon University into 壮erious consideration.

She is co-chairing the 践andsome Hunting・from abroad and is a major patron as well as a planner in its numerous 'activities'. She keeps a hankerchief wherever she goes. (by panzerfan)