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The Professor
The Mad Scientist of "Tsunami Channel." Generally, when plot happens, it's because of him. He is the creator of Kotone, the person responsible for Konstantin being H, and the matchmaker that brought Laika and Haruna into Onii-chan's life. The Professor works closely with Tsunami, his lab assistant.
The Professor works at Carnegie Mellon University and has a secret laboratory on campus, where he keeps a plethora of Rei Ayanami clones, among other things. Anime is the biggest single influence on the Professor's pursuits, especially shows like "Card Captor Sakura."
In addition to being the top mad scientist in the world, the Professor is also one of the most hentai (perverted) people in existence. His involvement with all matters of hentai borders on obsession: he is known to have spent grant money to purchase H materials and has a secret chamber filled with H doujinshi. He is always willing to share his H with others, whether they want it or not. (by Xuanwu)