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Rei Barre
Shy and introverted, Rei is a the typical studious bibliophile. As a girl born of mixed race (her mother is Japanese and father is Scottish), she's always been well cared for and incredibly bright: she entered CMU as a freshman at the age of 16. She's always been fond of anime and manga ("Shoujo Kakumei Utena" and "Tokyo Mew Mew" are two of her favorites) but keeps her distance from Vermillion: last time she visited, more than a few of the male members were overly friendly because of her glasses.

One of Rei's fantasies is to meet the man of her dreams through a happy coincidence, but she's level headed to know a better tactic is to work hard so she can find a nice male who is similarly oriented towards academics and reading. So far, her biggest obstacle to overcome to reach this goal is her own occasional lapses in memory (and a faulty alarm clock). Whenever she does something dumb, she likes to pinch her cheeks ala her favorite female anime character, Yomiko Readman from "Read or Die." (by Xuanwu)