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Thursday, March 30, 2017
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Akira Illustration #87 "Testing"
(Story Arc: It's been a while)

Comic Strip

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"It has been a while" by Akira

Testing if the the rant system is still working... OK

It has been 6~7 years since I have updated the last comic. Many things have happened since then.

First of all, I am married and I have a daughter. I think those who have married know, but if you have a baby, there is no time to draw or update comics. Now she has grown up and I have a little more free time.

Second, www.tsunamichannel.com domain has expired and was taken over by some company. I was using Verio for domain name service. End of last October, suddenly tsunamichannel.com stopped working due to an expiration date (2017/2) or something. I have tried to log in to the control panel, but no luck (they change the control panel system). I tried to contact Verio, but unfortunately my registered contact address was akira@tsunamichannel.com and could prove I am the owner, so they just ignored. There was no way to renew the license, so I thought maybe I can buy domain name when the license expires, but some company bought before I did... Oh well...

Third, I am currently working on a trading card game based on chemical molecules with local high school students. I am thinking of drawing LINE stamps based for this project. The link is "Element Creators". I will add javascript games in a near future. I added the link from TC hoping a google crawler goes to the site.

Fourth, since I have a little fee time, I will start updating this site again. I do not think I can draw comics right a way, since I have not draw for more than six years (and very little free time!). I will focus mainly on illustrations and programmings.

The admin control panel is still working, but some how, I can not use single quotes. I need to fix PHP scripts here and there.