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Wednesday, October 6, 2010
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Experimental Comic Kotone #545 "Mouse Captor Anya6"
(Story Arc: Mouse Captor Anya)

Comic Strip

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"Mouse Captor Anya6" by Akira

This is the rough sketch of the page. I'll work on the inking later.

"Looking into Touhou with detail - Youmu Konpaku" by Totaku

OK gang, I've been delayed a bit due to browser crash errors, but I think these have been resolved so today I will go ahead and discuss the next charater down the line.

Youmu Konpaku

As the main character proceed into the netherworld, they discover that the world is filled with Spring in full activity. They now know that they are very close to the source, but before they could get there, they would confront a young girl with remarkable sword talents.

Youmu Konpaku is a very unique indivual as she is both alive and dead at the same time. Youmu is a half ghost and half human. The complexity of this form is that she exsist both physically and as a spirit. Her physical form looks like a young girl while her ghost part of her is a spirit that follows her around. But non the less the two of them are bonded and thus they are both Youmu.

When Youmu confront the main charaters she almost right away attack them as she attempts to force them to surrender the spring that have been collecting.

Eveuatually they would find out from Youmu that she has been collecting the spring for her master. But for what reason? On her master, the princess of the Netherworld would know....

One of the most important things to note about Youmu is that she is a remarkable swordsman. And depsite looking no older than 13 or so. She is really 60 years old or so. (This is mainly due to her being a half ghost and all...). And her swords skills are shockingly strong and quick.

As it turns out Youmu was taught how to use her sword by her master "Youki Konpaku" who taught her all that she knows... There is not much history behind Youki other than that he also served the princess of the Netherworld and lived to be 300 years old. And yet he vanished without a trace while Youmu while still young. No knows where he went off to, or if he's still alive or not. And Youmu thinks, that Youki's disapperance is all part of the training as well...

Youmu also specialized in using two swords, The Roukanken, a longer of the two blades which is said to slice through 10 ghosts in one swing. And the Hakurouken, which is said to slice through a person's confusion.

She uses both of these swords in combat and utilizes them with her spellcards.

All of Youmu's spellcards are based upon themes centering around ghosts and her own sword techniques. (For laughs, try to calculate the speed Youmu must swing her sword to perform "200 youjana in one Swing" [which is one of the names of her spellcards]. In reality, she would likely vaporize her own self. Thank goodness for fantasy!)

And while she uses her swords she cleave slashes that create gusts of Danmaku. And to top it all off, Youmu's attacks are so fast, that go at an insane speed, and in order to make it easier, time breifely slows down as she gets ready to slash.

Evntually Youmu is defeated, and attempt to stall them, but they soon realize what Youmu was trying to do and proceed off to the ghostly courtyard of Hakugyoukuro, where Youmu once again makes a desprate attempt to try to stop the main cast from reaching her master. But is soon defeated...

Following the events of PCB, Youmu appeared in a number of other games in which she got invovled, both as a possible playable charater and through through various story plots. While Youmu may be a serious deticated gardener, she is also teased alot by her master. Which leads to many funny moments between them. Both otherwise, Youmu is still well diseplined...

In the fanon world, Youmu isn't too far off from her canon version. Though fan's tend to give her ghost half it's own name calling it "Myon". Which in a way gave the fans the excuse to give "Myon" it's own charater. :P

On other occasions, thanks to Myon being protrayed like a soft pillow, many fans like to claim that Youmu is "soft". And also gave Youmu the saying "Myon" because of this too. Also thanks to a daialouge that she give in IaMP, she later got a meme thanks to her Roukenkan which is said that "The things it can slice are next to none!"

Anyways, this is Youmu in a nutshell. Simple as that...

Next time we will turn our attention to the Deathly Ghost Princess of the Netherworld.... Yuyuko Saigyouji

Till Next time,