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Monday, September 27, 2010
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Experimental Comic Kotone #540 "Mouse Captor Anya1"
(Story Arc: Mouse Captor Anya)

Comic Strip

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"Mouse Captor Anya1" by Akira

I'll work on the buildings when I have time. This is the best I could do f or now. I was working on the last week's last three pages (inking+screen tones). It took more time than I thought.

In this series, I'll have a chance to practice on a action scene + frame composition/outline + background. I messed up on Anya's costume. Clothe should be crossed at Anya's back. It was late at night, I wasn't thinking at all.

Maybe I should change from "Mouse Captor Anya" to "Mousecaptor Anya"?

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"Experiencing Technical Difficulties" by Totaku

Good day people of the Tsunami Channel. I am here to inform you all that my weekly planned "Looking into Touhou with Detail" has been put on temporary hold.

This is mainly due to my mouse failing on me.

I am currently typing this up via Wii to let you all know what happened.

I expect to return fully functionable sometime after October 1st when I should have a new mouse by then.

Till then please be paitent.

Till next time.