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Monday, September 20, 2010
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Experimental Comic Kotone #535 "Working!!"
(Story Arc: Drawing Manga)

Comic Strip

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"Working!!" by Akira

Four framed manga I really enjoy reading are "Azumanga Daioh" and "Working!!" which I mentioned in today's comic strip. "Working" is amazing that there is a joke (punchline) in every fourth frame, which is quite rare in today's Japanese 4 koma manga. The author has her own website. You can find "Working!!" with different main characters. I really enjoy reading those strips too. They are funny.

It's quite nice I was able to draw Mina. I don't know how she sneaked in to the house.

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"Looking into Touhou with detail - Letty Whiterock" by Totaku

When the story of Perfect Cherry Blossom begins, the trio of main charaters set forth to explore the cause of the "missing Spring". The travel through the cold winter wood as the fight off faries as usual. Among the faries is Cirno who appears once again as a stage one mid boss to pester the main charaters, but after defeating her and traveling further they end up confronting a different youkai...

Today, we will focus on this youkai, as she is the embodiment of winter itself and her name is...

Letty Whiterock

Letty is a youkai that generally appears in the winter season and of course as you might expect, she is mainly a Yuki-ona, a youkai that's associated with the forzen cold that is known to prey upon humans that are on the brink of freezing to death.

Besides that, Letty mainly just known to represent the winter season....

When the team confront Letty, they are quick to accuse Letty for the long winter. But she denies that she's responsible for the cause, but because of who she is, they refuse to belive her and so they set off to fight in a Danmaku battle. In which Letty was soundly defeated because she wasn't interested in fighting since she belived Spring was going to come eventually...

Obviously, Letty's spellcard are all based on the theme of winter. And some sources say that Letty is only truely active when the winter season is extremly cold, when it gets warmer, she tends to be lazy most of the time...

Beyond that, stories suggest that Letty herself may be a youkai that only exsists in the winter. As when Spring comes, she vanishes, dies or disappeares... no one exactly knows....

In the fanon world, Letty, is often capture as a mentor or big sister to Cirno. Mainly due to the fact that they appeared together in the same stage. (Even though in a later offical comic, Cirno declares that she hate winter, becuase she has nothing to do since everything is frozen. :P)

Another important note about Letty is that fans tend to capture her being a bit pudgy or fat. Mainly because when you fight her, you realize real quick that her hit box is huge allowing you to get an easy hit on her. Beyond this though, Letty's role is very limited due to limited appearance. So she's not commonly seen in fanart. Though when later seasonal themed charaters appeared, it gave the artist an excuse to draw her again...

But that's Letty in a nutshell for you....

Next time, we will be turning our focus on a Nekomata / Shinigami who became one of the popular stage 2 bosses due to her connections with later charaters....Chen.

Till next time