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Tuesday, September 21, 2010
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Experimental Comic Kotone #536 "Ruthless Traits"
(Story Arc: Drawing Manga)

Comic Strip

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"Ruthless Traits" by Akira

I didn't have too much time this morning... I'll finish when I get home tonight. Although I have to admit, I think I drew this page quite well with a pencil, even though I'll erase it later (after inking)... I think I'm slowly getting back the hang of drawing details in 3D again. It's interesting that something clicked in my head this morning and I was able to image and give more detail to the drawing (Laika's ribbom, for example). It's not even close to my best yet, but I'll keep it up. I personally think the best so far is "Jung vs Konstantin" during Laika's story arc.

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"Looking into Touhou with detail - Chen" by Totaku

Today we will contine down the story of PCB as we explore the next boss in the game. A nekomata named...


When the team continue to explore the winter filled land, they come across a strange village where lost objects wind up. Along the way they confront Chen. Chen was pretty much protecting the area from invaders, but when she confronts Reimu and the gang she tries to distact them, but eventually they decide it would better to do battle with her via spellcard combat.

Chen is mostly known for her great speed and agility. And all her spellcards are mainly based upon various Japanese and Chinese myths. Chen is of course a shingami as well as a nekomata and she specalized in the power of the dark art. But when she confronts the team, she is horribly weak, mainly because her master is no where around where she's at. Thus rendering her weak and within a short fight, Chen would fall. And so the team continues to press forward...

Now while chen was treated as a minor charater, te good part about her other tthan her fast acrobatic manuvers during danmaku was also the connection she has with later charaters. Because as you already know, Chen is a shinigami, so we have yet to see the master....

Otherwise, being a cat gives chen the automatic moe features that would make her known through fanart. She's pretty much known to be childish and cute in an innocent fashion most of the time and is only serious when she gets into a fight. And obviously if your not ready to do battle with chen. bring some catnip, it works wonders on her. :P

Chen was at the very least allowed to come back on some occasions in later games, but never as a playable charater... as I stated before, you'll see why....

And in the world of Fanon, Chen is often not too far off from her canon version. Pretty much acts like a child and does have a connection with her master. But if I went into too much detail, I'd be spoiling later charaters.... There's isn't much else to explain at this point about chen....

Next time, we will look at a more popular charater known through the Touhou universe tate reoccured from both the days of old and the present and was also the stage 3 boss of this game. The great puppeter Magician, Alice Margatroid.

Till next time