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Wednesday, September 29, 2010
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Experimental Comic Kotone #542 "Mouse Captor Anya3"
(Story Arc: Mouse Captor Anya)

Comic Strip

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"Mouse Captor Anya3" by Akira

This page took more time than I thought, but I'm getting the hang of drawing action scenes again like I used to. I added a magic circle to the second page too. Although I still need to work on the background of first two pages...

I borrowed a center symbol of a magic circle from this website. Blur is a nice Photoshop command. I like it very much. I think I should use more photoshop tools in my manga.

It pretty much a same spell used by Cardcaptor Sakura. Actually the page outlines are almost exactly same as first few pages of CCS manga.

Again my character is facing to her right... I should draw character facing to her/his right more often...

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Thursday, September 30, 2010
"No comic strips thursday and friday" by Akira

I'll be away from my house until end of this week. I've tried my best..., but there won't be any comic strips on thursday and friday. Regular updates will start from next week.

Friday, October 1, 2010
"Back with a mouse now, rants will start on Monday" by Totaku

Hey everyone, I've finally got a mouse that I can finally use with a computer, so starting next week, I will be continuing my rants on Touhou as I continue explaining the world of Touhou (which will still span for several months) as I continue my explanation about the charaters and so forth.

I think some of you may have wondered why I'm only paying attention to the PC games and not the PC-98 ones. Well, to be fair, I'm more familar with the PC games than the PC-98 ones (especially since it was a Japan only product) for one thing, so I never played the game on the system.

But you can also say that one thing about it is that the world of Gensokyo in the PC-98 days was so vast and different from the version that was known since it moved to the PC. That it's almost like an alternet universe. And yet, ZUN claims that the worlds form the PC-98 days do actually meet with the PC ones.

Plus while the charaters are interesting within the whole PC-98 days. (They remind me of some type of old school Rumiko Takahashi type art from the days of Lum.) They two are odd and somewhat different since like I said, the world of Gensokyo back during the PC-98 days wasn't very concret till it moved to the PC.

But I am considering near the end to most likely highlight some charaters who I label as the most notable of the PC-98 charaters. Since there are a few note worthy ones... even though ZUN will probably never bring them back. So far only Reimu, Marisa, Alice, and Yuuka are the only PC-98 cast members to ever come back.

But who knows what the future has in store, even ZUN has been known to change things up despite what he says....

Till next week people!