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Friday, September 24, 2010
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Experimental Comic Kotone #539 "Atarashi"
(Story Arc: Drawing Manga)

Comic Strip

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"Atarashi" by Akira

It's possible to create a bishounen manga idol group by separating tasks like this. And one of the sales point of this group is, combination of couples changes by time to time. Readers try to guess who're the couples by noticing small changes/hints in manga or story.

There is Japanese idol group "Arashi", so I changed to "Atarashi(i)" meaning "new" in Japanese.

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"Looking into Touhou with detail - The Prismriver Sisters" by Totaku

Today we will be looking at three charaters that make up the a trio of ghostly musicians who are most notable for thier teamwork and music.

The Prisimriver Sister

When the team fly high within the sky they discover that that spring was coming from the gate way to the netherworld. A place where only the dead roam....

At the gate way they are met by a trio of musicians who were busy prefroming to get ready to perform for the Spring Festival being held in the nether world. But since the team disturbed them and were trying to enter the relam of the dead, They decided to battle them.

The Prism River sisters consist of three sister in the team. Lunasa, oldest who specialized in performing the violin without making physical contant. Merlin, who specializing in playing the trumpet without making contact with it. And Liryc, the youngest of the three who plays the key board.

The story behind how these three came to be was due to an event from ages pasts. When the Prisimriver sisters were alive, they were well talented in thier musical talents and went off to perform...

However, their forth sister Lyila was left along, and she was ill and not capable of doing much like her sisters could. Due to the fact that she missed her sisters, she began to study the dark arts and found a spell that allowed her to create ghostly poltergiests based upon her sisters. Thus this is how the prismriver sister we now known were born.

Event from this point are unknown but appearntly the mansion they lived it eventually magically transported to Gensokyo many years later where the ghostly trio now stands.

Most of the prisimriver's spellcard are themed after music and several composers. And most of thier danmaku is also musical notes.

When fighiting them many realize that the sisters technique depending on the sister. Lyrica, and Lunasa mainly have dense danmaku formations while Merlin depends on curving lasers (which many hate).

Depend on who you shoot to most will also determine the spellcard that they will use and who will use it. Except for the last two which then the trio work together. Once the trio is defeated, they explain that the princess of the Netherworld is holding a party, but they won't be able to get into the Netherworld thanks to the border that keeps the living out of it.

However it turns out that with some presistance the main heroines managed to find a way to get through the border and enter into the netherworld. Thus they continue thier invesitgation.

From my experience, the sisters are more notable for thier music rather than who they were. As thier main theme song as ZUN explained. is suppose to represet them composing a song as they fight.

Also on very rare and random occasions, Merlin may actually go out of sync when they sisters decide to combine thier power. This is mainly due to an error in the code ZUN overlooked which as a result caused alot of humor.

Also with a bit of luck the ghostly trio managed to return once more in PoFV as playable charaters.

In the fanon world, the sisters aren't too far different from canon predesseors, but due to thier limited charater and background, It is rare to come up with a Prisimriver doujin that'll have importance unless it's an orgin story... thus they don't appear much through the doujins in general.

Also thanks to Merlin's glitch, fans gave her the nick name "Merupo" based after the Null point meme, "Nerupo" And thus in fanart, Merlin is often capture to possible be a bit odd compared to the other sister. Possibly insane.

But otherwise, that's about the only things that are notable about the Prisimriver Sister.

That's it for this week, next week, I will be covering the rest of the PBC cast and I suspect one of them will take up two or three days as her role in the story (and Gensokyo in general) is very important.

Till next week people.