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Wednesday, September 22, 2010
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Experimental Comic Kotone #537 "Perform"
(Story Arc: Drawing Manga)

Comic Strip

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"Perform" by Akira

I'll ink this page when I get home. I'm so glad that thursday is Japanese holiday. I think I can catch up with the schedule.

I referenced "Yukari Tamura" for the second panel and "Perfume" for the fourth panel. I'm not a big fan of voice actors/actresses or idol groups, but I know they are pretty popular in Japan. "Perfume => Perform" is a joke.

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"Looking into Touhou with detail - Alice Margatroid" by Totaku

Today we will be loooking a charater who has played a very important role in early stories in Touhou and eventually returned back in the PC games later on. I which she has reoccured a number of times throughout the games. This will be the introduction to the stage 3 boss in PCB...

Alice Margatroid

In Perfect Cherry Blossom, the team pressed froth through the cold winter night as they continue to find the cause of the winter, eventually they would run into Alice. Alice then tell them that she may know where the Spring was taken from, but she was reluctant to tell them, (or in Reimu's case, she wanted to get revenge on her from back in the PC-98 game she appeared in)

Either way, the team would eventually have to fight Alice is a spellcard battle just so she could tell them where the Spring was taken to...

The main part of Alice's spellcards is that they are themed after dolls. Which is very important because Alice herself is a puppeteer magician.

After a long fight however, Alice was soundly defeated and then she explains to the team the spring is falling from high up in the sky and that's where they should go.

From here the team would then set forth to the sky where they find the first evidence of spring...

As I mention before. Alice is a puppeteer magician, and her main speciality is controlling dolls using a magical string which is invisible to the naked eye. In some cases, the doll act as if they are almost alive.

And also Alice is youkai magician much like Patchouli, but it is said that she is in a way more human than most others. On an unusal note, ZUN seems to constantly controdict Alice's bio quite a bit....

In in the PC 98 days, Alice was a makai magiaican who was the "daughter" of Shinki. Then when she was moved to the PC world of Touhou, she was basiclly a youkai magician, and now is a youkai magician who is still very much human.

Alice is also always carrying a grimore with her which is said to possess forbidden magic within. She keep it seal shut, and other than her time in the PC-98 universe. Alice has never really opened the Grimore at all.... In fact, Alice belives in a fair battle and will never to tend to use 100% of her power unless her oppoent proves to be extremly dangerous....

Even after Perfect Cherry Blossom, Alice would return on a number of occasions in various Touhou games. Especially to team up with Marisa, or in fighters. Her role since PCB has mostly been either to support Marisa orto perform magical experiemtns which she seems to always get interuppted.

Outside of the games, stories suggest Alice to be rather kind hearted, and lives within a cottage located in the forest of magic (just like Marisa) if you happen to be lost in the forest and come across Alice's home, she might let you spend the night. But most occasions people tend to be a it scared of her doll collection as they seem look....alive....

In spellcard combat though, it's strongly adviced that you mainly deal with Alice instead of her dolls as she can easily replace them.

Thanks to later chapters in the Touhou games, ZUN has described Alice to be a Tsundere of sorts and also has a strong connection with Marisa. Due to this, the fanon community would play upon this concept.

Also ZUN uses Alice's name as part of the name of his "doujin group" Team Shanghai Alice.

In the fanon world, Alice has pretty large history in there just as much as her canon version.

Thanks to her connection with Marisa, she is often paired with Marisa. But of course at times she can be also a companion or rival of Patchouli to due to how artist protray the trio of magicians.

Alice also has two major doll companions who are known to tag along with her on a regular basis. They are named Shanghai and Hourai after the spelcard they are associated with. The dolls mainly act as an assistant, but also a companion to Alice.

Course as expected, Alice is protrayed as a Tsundere most of the time, but at times, people often view her as possibly psychotic as well, mainly because she spends her time talking to her dolls as if they are people.

Course Alice has a large range to her charater and thus she appear often in many doujin material especially with Marisa.

I think it's time to wrap it here. This should cover a good load of what Alice's charater is like.

Next time I will turn my attention to the stage 4 midboss (Who doesn't have much) who has been rather nitourious from the times she appears in the game.... Lily White

Till next time,