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Thursday, September 23, 2010
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Experimental Comic Kotone #538 "Webcomic Idol"
(Story Arc: Drawing Manga)

Comic Strip

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"Webcomic Idol" by Akira

I personally think there will be something like this in near future. Loyal fans have to buy three copies of manga because there are three types (Alex, Kotone, and Lisa) of book covers. As a fan, you have to collect all three of them right?

I personally enjoy teasing Alex. She He is cute.

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"Looking into Touhou with detail - Lily White" by Totaku

Today we will turn our attention to a stage 4 mid bosses which many consider a pain especially since she returned on a number of occasions.....

Lily White

As the heroines begin to fly thier way up through the sky, they uncover traces of spring that begin to appear. They are now hot on the trail to finding out where all the spring left....

Along the way though, they confront a fairy that gives them trouble. A fairy known as Lily White. Who they quickly defeated as they continued to climb up the sky to where the spring went to.

Lily white is like most other fairies in general, weak, but troublesome. But what makes Lily special is that she is the fairy of the Spring season. She come at the beginning of spring to announce that spring as arrived. But when she announces this, she releases danmaku at the same time, thus causing a mess to anyone near her.

Strangely enough, this fairy would return in a number of occasions. Most notably in games that take place during the spring season. And she would become just as annoying.

Lily white also has an alternet variation of her named "Lily Black" many fans assumed that Lily White and Lily Black were two seperate faires, but ZUN later explained that both of the Lilies are the same fairy. The black one is mainly just a representative figure for the judge of Higan (Which will be explained much later in the future...)

Beyond this, there's not really much to Lily White's character as most fans just protray her as the cheerful annoying fairy who announces spring time.

That's it for this installment, next time we will look at the stage 4 bosses. A trio of ghostly musicians called "The Prisimriver Sisters"

Till next time