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Wednesday, October 13, 2010
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Experimental Comic Kotone #548 "Dormitory1"
(Story Arc: Dormitory)

Comic Strip

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"Dormitory1" by Akira

I don't know why but the main character looks like Suzaku from "Code Geass". I drew the character without any reference (out of my head), but it turned out like him. Very strange.

Actually this was a story I came up when I was at CMU years ago (15 years ago?). There was a university newspaper called "Tartan" and it had comic strip pages. I wanted to put this manga, but didn't have enough skill to do that yet...

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"Looking into Touhou with detail - Yuyuko Saigyouji" by Totaku

Alright people, I know I've been bit inactive... alot of things have happened and thus I've tired myself out during the daytime... so I've been busy trying to work things out.... but for now I'm still at it.... let me continue on what I've been trying to explain through the remainder of Perfect Cherry Blossom by introducing the final boss.

Yuyuko Saigyouji

After taking out Youmu, the team presses onward to the main courtyard of Hakugyokurou where they finally confront a gigantic cherry blossom tree and underneath it.... the ghost princess of the Netherworld....Yuyuko.

Upon confronting her they find out that she has been the one who deviced the plan to gather the spring from all over Gensokyo and bring it to the netherworld. For what reason?

Her main intentions was to revive the great cherry blossom tree, the Saigyo Ayakashi, because she recalled that there was something important about the tree and that "someone" rested inside of it. And since the tree never bloomed she created the plan of gathering the spring up to the netherworld to revive it and ordered Youmu to go through Gensokyo to collect it.

Little did Yuyuko know that what she was doing would cause a grave mistake.... as there was a reason the tree was never meant to blossom....

The main cast press on to tell her to return the spring, but she insisted to keep it until the tree was revived, and so before long a danmaku battle insued...

Yuyuko's spellcard all theme around the concept of death, as she herself is the ghost princess of death. It's also important to note that butterflies also play a key role in her spellcard centering around the "death" theme.

After an intense battle with Yuyuko just as everyone thought it was over, the unthinkable happened.... The Saigyou Ayakashi suddenly comes to life and launches an attack, but since it was never fully revived, it wouldn't attack for a short time, before it would fall back into it's eternal slumber.

Yuyuko is a rahter complicated charater with a tragic past, but now has a carefree life (or death in her case)....

Back around 1000 years ago, Yuyuko was an human girl who once lived upon the living, but she suffered from a terrible curse.... everywhere she went....people died, all around her.... it wasn't something that she could understand or could control. But she was born with the ability to invoke death into anyone she meets.

Suffering under her power she was unsure what to do, but on one faithful day a youkai met Yuyuko and offered to help her. She gladly agreed and was taken into the care of the youkai in which she developed a bond with that youkai....however the bond would not last...

Before too long there was a story about a giant cherry blossom tree that was actually a youkai that lured people underneath it and die to it's beauty. And eventually after it killed enough human it has launched an assault. The youkai and Yuyuko decided to look into the matter, but in the end Yuyuko herself lost her mind as she could sense the aura of death around the cherry blossom tree. Realizing that she herself was cursed with the same fate she did the unthinable. She appoached the cherry blossom tree and sacrafices herself to it allowing it to consume her. And as a result.... the cherry blossom trees attack suddenly stopped....

This was because Yuyuko's body held the power of death in it and because of that, the cherry blossom tree's life cycle came to a complete stop.

It's known what happened after this point, but before too long Yuyuko would reappear as a ghost, bound to the earth as she was not allowed to transend to heaven or hell since her body is bounded to the Cherry Blossom tree..

She has lost all her memories of her life, and had begun a new life as a cheeryful carefree ghost.

The judge of Higan soon gives Yuyuko the responsibility of maintaing the spirits in the netherworld and form there, Yuyuko would become the Ghost Princess that we know in the present.

Course as expected, thanks to her lost memory, she would soon forget the reason the Cherry Blossom tree was there, and thus how PCB's story began....

Now returning back to the present, when the cherry blossom tree was finally put back to rest.... Spring was restored in Gensokyo, and life was back to normal. Yuyuko and Youmu come over to the shrine for tea and cake...ect. END!

Following after PCB's events, Yuyuko was popular enough that she would return on a number of occasions. While not as much as Youmu, she still was an important charater.

She would at the very least appear in one more shooter, all the fighting games, and in some offical comics.

Through her later plot developments, we learn that Yuyuko also seem to enjoy eating quite a bit, and also despite being so whimsical and carefree, she's also known to be rather intellegent and just likes to hide it under her personality.

In the fanon world, Yuyuko is often capture to be rather gluttonous thanks to her eating habits which are now exageratted....

Also due to being around for so long, she is often captured as a mature charater (Which she is) and also thanks to a much later meme, Yuyuko would become part of what would be known as "The Old Hag Group". Which mainly consisted of the charaters that lived for a long time and also looked just about as old and mature.

Finally, on a more obvious point, Yuyuko does have a relation with Youmu, course it's due to them being a "master / servant" relationship.

Beyond this though, Yuyuko's charater still is the same on the most part. Just with alot more eating in the doujins. :P

That's in for now, next time, I will turn my focus on the Extra mode! in which we will look at a Shikigami!

Till Next time,


Saturday, October 16, 2010
"No illustrations this & next weekends" by Romy

Hi TsuChan fans,

I apologize that I won't be able to upload illustrations this and next weekends.