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Monday, November 5, 2001
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Experimental Comic Kotone #28 "Detective Konstantin"
(Story Arc: Konstantin)

Comic Strip

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"Rants" by Akira

Only Onii-chan knows that Kotone is an android. I don't know why, but they are keeping that secret to Laika, Konstantin, and Haruna. A secret is one of the factor which makes Love-Comedy interesting. In Kimagure Orange Road, Kasuga Kyousuke is keeping his ESP secret to everyone (including Ayukawa Madoka). All the magical girl shows are keeping their magical powers secret. So going with the trend, I have to make a secret in this comic too. But I'm pretty sure that Laika is wondering about Kotone and Onii-chan, but she is not the person who persue that kind of question.

Real Konstantin is smart (I think) unlike this comic. In my comic, Konstantin is drawn as a stereo-typical 2nd grade bishounen. Handsome, play sport (soccer?), but little bit damn... 1st grade bishounen is perfect in everything and main female character goes for him. 2n grade bishounen is missing one factor, and he goes after main female character but always get damped in the end. He is there to mess 1st grade bishounen and female character's relationship. Anyway, his hair style is changed a bit, but there is one thing which I kept constant. That is his hentainess. Konstaintin say a lot of H things in his conversation. His brain is filled with hentai things. His computer's hard drive is filled with H images. Anyway, I enjoy drawing him in my comic.