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Thursday, November 1, 2001
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Experimental Comic Kotone #24 "Haruna's Parent"
(Story Arc: A Visitor from Japan)

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"Rants" by Akira

Again the joke about Haruna's parent being hippies came from Nasri when we were talking about the comic. It is a nice brainstorm to talk about the comic to the others. A lot of anime parody jokes were created when I was talking to Konstantin and Django. Anyway, Haruna is so traditional because her parent is so untraditional. As most children are, she is rebeling again her parent way of life (unconsciously).

There wer hippies' movements in Japan too. There was a lot of riots (woops, protests) at Japanese Universities (e.g. Kyoto University) about how corrupt goverments are. A lot of young people sang folk songs with their guitars about love and peace. Japanese youths were so excite when Beatles came, etc, etc (watch "Gate Keepers" to see some examples). But I'm pretty sure that noone is dressed up like hippies (like Haruna's parent) anymore.

Finally I'm getting use to inking and coloring with Photoshop. From the web, I got a bunch of screen tones (digital tones) to fill in the areas. It's really handy and it looks great. Gradient effect is handy too and looks professional.